Putilove London

Putilove London is a personal illustration project. The project is about exploring the beauty within what is often deemed ugly by mainstream society. It draws inspiration from elements of the drag and transgender scene. Always having the woman as the main focus, it explores the ideals placed on women and what it is to be ‘beautiful’.

Putilove originated from an Instagram account where I uploaded different illustrations, sketches or designs. Afterwards, I launched an online shop to sell different printed t-shirt designs.

Putilove London is not just an illustration project or an online shop, it is a place where I have the freedom to experiment with illustration and design with no limitations. As part of that experimentation, I have been exploring new technology as AR Lenses. For instance, for the Instagram page, I have created a few lenses within the original concept of the project.


  • Illustration
  • Experimental Design
  • T-Shirt Print
  • AR Lenses


  • Illustrator
  • Designer