SanDisk Trusted by the Pro’s

SanDisk is the most trusted brand of memory card among professional photographers and videographers. To communicate this differentiator, FK3 has developed a Graphic Mark. This included the design of the mark, the guidelines, and some printed and digital applications. The guidelines outline how the Mark can be leveraged and applied to marketing assets.

The design of the mark was treated as a logo design project since the final result had to be translated seamlessly across all forms of digital and printed communications. I was the main designer leading the concept creation phase and development phase. As part of the project, I designed the mark and multiple assets such as ad pages, pull-up banners, online banners. I also included the new mark in the original packaging, retouching the artwork and keeping the original structure.


  • Logo Design
  • Print
  • Online


  • Designer


  • FK3, London